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Work Study

This is a yearly activity whereby the Corporation gives students who have recently completed their Caribbean Secondary Examination and students attending Tertiary Institutions in Guyana, an opportunity to partake in work related activities for a period of eight (8) weeks. These students are placed into Departments according to their career…

Sugar Boiler Apprentices

The Sugar Boiler training programme is of three (3) years duration, of which one (1) year is spent in a residential setting pursuing general academic and sugar processing technology studies. The final two (2) years are spent on the estate participating in an in-plant training programme, after which they are…


The Apprenticeship programme is designed to satisfy the need for vocational/technical skills in field and factory. Craft Apprentice training is of four (4) years duration, of which two (2) years are spent in a residential setting pursuing general academic and specialised vocational skills training after which apprentices are examined. The…


This programme is based on projected needs of the Corporation. Professional and technical cadets are trained to fill senior and middle management positions. External candidates must satisfy the academic criteria determined by an approved university and successfully serve a pre-cadetship training period of at least one year.

Management Trainees

This training programme is designed for new senior management recruits from external sources, who possess the required qualification but not pre-requisite experience. The duration of the programme does not usually exceed twelve (12) months, depending on the capabilities of the incumbent. However, internal candidates with the requisite requirements approved by…
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