More than 100 students graduated as the GuySuCo Training Centre and the Board of Industrial Training partnered to implement the National Training Project for Youth Empowerment

Some 118 young people comprising the 5th cohort of students of Region 5 and 6 have been successful in the National Training Project for Youth Empowerment (NTPYE) offered at the GuySuCo Training Centre and accredited by the Board of Industrial Training.

The January 27, 2017 Graduation exercise raised celebrations to another level of competitiveness with the introduction/launch of a Cash Incentive/Merit Award to the Best Graduating Student/Valedictorian of each batch.

While proud parents and other well-wishers applauded the successful achievement of the more than 100 graduates of the six month programme which got started in April of 2016, former Manager of the Training Centre, over the period May 2005 through 2010, Mr L.D. Persaud, under whose brainchild the programme was launched and had returned under tragic circumstances, was among the list of well wishers of the programme.

“Congratulations to you and I am happy to launch this financial presentation to the Best Graduating Student.  May you all see this as the first phase of your academic achievement and be encouraged to take advantage of job opportunities available, an mastering them to be known and recognized,” said Mr. Persaud before making his presentation to Supervisory Management Graduate, Mr. Jermaine Subryan.

Of the graduates, five were certified in Basic Fitting and Machining; 20 in Electrical Installation; 22 each in Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs and Refrigeration; 16 in Welding and Fabrication and 33 in Supervisory Management.

Best Performance Prizes were also awarded to students Keeon Playter, Zackir Ally, Ryan Sankar, Ronald Cozier, Deodat Chanraram and Jermaine Subryan for excelling in the six subject areas offered.

Speakers at the event included: Chairman of the Board of Industrial Training Chairman Mr. Clinton Williams, Member of Parliament, Charandass Persaud; the Feature Address was delivered by Mr. Keith Scott - Junior Minister of Social Protection, there was certainly more to internalize as GUYSUCO Training Centre prepares to launch its 6th batch before the end of the first quarter, 2017. 

Let the central message which seemed to permeate remarks and even the feature addresses to students remain pivotal through the year as we all endeavour to “Stand up and be counted among those who will continuously take advantage of opportunities available; never stop reading and studying as you embark on a mission of giving back to the country of your birth.”

GuySuCo is not Getting Out of Sugar…

Transitioning into a Resilient Business

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) wishes to inform members of the public that as a part of the Uitvlugt Estate Improvement Programme (UIP), the Board of Directors has approved that interested Cane Farmers with the requisite capacity be leased lands at Uitvlugt Estate. A significant percent of the canes that were milled at Wales Factory are closer to Uitvlugt Estate and will now be transported to and milled at Uitvlugt Factory. Cane farmers who were further away from Uitvlugt Estate, who found it uneconomical to transport their canes to Uitvlugt Factory were encouraged to apply to lease lands at Uitvlugt Estate.

The factory at the Uitvlugt Estate is configured differently from the Wales Estate factory, hence modifications are currently being done to enable the factory to accommodate farmers’ canes delivered in trailers.

Prior to the closure of Wales factory, cane farmers transported their canes to Wales Estate by punts and also by road in tractor/trailer units, both of which were unloaded by a cane gantry. On the other hand, Uitvlugt factory, as presently configured, can only unload punts and uses a punt dumper for this task.

The modifications at Uitvlugt include the relocation of the cane gantry, cane scale, feeder table and auxiliary carrier from Wales Factory to Uitvlugt, this would be completed in time for the commencement of the 2nd Crop, 2017 at Uitvlugt. A temporary trailer parking area and wooden bridge across the irrigation canal carrying water from the Boerasiri conservancy is also in progress for completion by the start of the 2nd crop – a permanent Trailer Park, concrete bridge over the irrigation canal, upgrade of dams (including Pumpkin Dam) to all-weather roads and other infrastructural works will follow in due course.

The relocation of the Gantry, Cane Scale, Feeder Table and Auxiliary Carrier is contracted to Nabi Construction Inc. whilst the Uitvlugt Estate is undertaking works on the temporary bridge and trailer park.

GUYANA SUGAR CORPORATION INC.                                                     May 23, 2017

GuySuCo Appeals to communities to Rally around the Corporation to improve targets for Second Crop 2017

GuySuCo Offices at Ogle Estate relocated to LBI Estate Compound

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