Albion Estate was established in the second half of the 19th century.  The estate lost its singleness and became known as Albion/Port Mourant, following the closure of the Port Mourant Factory in 1953.  This amalgamation formed the largest operating unit within the local sugar industry. The Estate is the administrative centre of the Corporation's Berbice operators.
Blairmont Estate is situated on the West Bank of the Berbice River. Presently, 5808.1 hectares (13,649 acres) of land are under sugar cane cultivation. This estate was previously divided into three Shares - Balthyork, Zorg-en-hoop, and Bush Lot. These were owned by Messrs Blair, Henry and Kantz respectively. The portion owned by Blair had a factory which ground the canes from the other two sections.
Skeldon Estate was established in the middle of the nineteenth century. Its founders adopted the most modern labour saving practices then available.  Early in the estate's development, vacuum pans were installed.
The Estate is named after a Dutch Planter, Ignatius Charles Bourda Uitvlugt. During the Dutch colonial period, he was the original owner of what was then a plantation. Many of the older folks also used to refer to the village as 'bodah’, which was really meant to be Bourda: they could not have pronounced the name correctly. Plantation Ignatius Charles Bourda Uitvlugt (ICBU), commonly known as Uitvlugt Estate, is situated on the western coast of the…
Plantation Goedverwagting (GV), commonly known as Wales Estate, is situated on the western bank of the Demerara River, approximately 15 kilometres approximately 15 kilometres and about 30 minutes away from Guyana’s capital city of Georgetown. The company GuySuCo, Wales being part of it, was formed in 1976, when the government of Guyana nationalised and merged the sugar estates operated by Booker Sugar Estates Limited, Tate and Lyle and Jessels Holdings…



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